Cat Food & Litter

No nasties. No fillers. Just ethically sourced, natural ingredients that will help your cat thrive.

Applaws premium cat food is carefully made with natural ingredients to ensure your pet is as healthy and happy as they can be. We strive to create the best cat food possible by not including any fillers, artificial flavours or added colours. As one of the best cat food brands in the market, you can find us in Coles, Woolworths, and a number of other retailers and pet retailers here.

What is the best cat food for indoor cats?

The best indoor cat food should include high moisture and protein content from meat to provide a natural source of taurine, omega-3 and 6. High protein cat food is crucial to a cat’s diet, which is why meat is always the number one ingredient in our products

What is the best wet cat food?

Wet cat food is an important part of a healthy cat food diet to ensure they are getting key nutrients and staying hydrated. It is also useful in preventing your cat from suffering from a range of different health problems.

The best wet cat food contains at least 60% moisture to promote hydration and is made using high quality, natural ingredients, like Applaws wet cat food range.

What is the best dry cat food?

Dry food is also a great way to get your cat the nutrients that they need to thrive. The added benefit of dry food is that it can be left out for your cat to feed at their leisure. Other than being easier to store and therefore more convenient, it too has an important health benefit – it’s good for your cat’s pearly whites. Dry pieces of food rub and scrape against your pet’s teeth, removing plaque and tartar that can build up. The best dry cat food should also be high in meat protein..

What is the best cat food for kittens?

The best kitten wet food is made with the finest cuts of meat or fish to provide essential amino acids like taurine. Our wet food for kitten is also made with smaller flakes so it’s easier to eat. It’s important to feed with complete food for a balanced diet.