How many tins of food should a cat eat?

How much food to feed your cat is entirely dependent on their size, age, metabolism and activity level. It will also depend on how large the tins of cat food are (all of our Applaws cat food in tins are 70g). Your cat’s size can be used as a rough guide to determine how many of our Applaws tins they should be having each day alongside their complete dry food.

  • For cats up to 3kgs: 1 tin
  • For cats 3-5kgs: 2 tins
  • For cats over 5kgs: 3 tins

We recommend that you seek your vet’s advice especially if your cat has any specific dietary requirements.

What is the best tinned cat food?

The best tinned cat food provides your cat with high-quality ingredients and nutrients. Small tins of cat food, like Applaws’ range, make it easy for you to give your cat the right amount of food daily, without having to waste. Our 100% Natural range is a complementary pet food for adult cats and works great in conjunction with Applaws dry cat food or other complete wet cat food to give your cat the balanced diet they need.

What is the best tinned fish for cats?

Applaws’ tinned fish for cats is a crowd favourite. Our 100% natural tuna fillet tins are made using the highest quality tuna fillets. We also have an Ocean Fish tin, as well as Tuna in Jelly for kittens. All of our tinned fish for cats provide a natural source of taurine to keep your cat happy and healthy.