Natural and ethically sourced ingredients

chosen to help your pet thrive!

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All pet food is not made equal. It’s the ingredients we use in Applaws that make our food different. Every single one is carefully selected to help your pet thrive.

  • No Fillers
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Invisible Nasties
  • No Added Colours

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The cornerstone of your dog or cat’s optimum diet is protein and we are passionate about it! The protein in Applaws recipes comes from meat, not cereals.

We use prime cuts of fillet meat in our wet food and a massive 50% meat in our dry food to give your pet the essential nutrients they need. The type of protein their bodies were designed to eat.


Only the best

We are proud that our wet food is made using human grade ingredients and meets the criteria for the highest human food standards, the British Retail Consortium. Only the best kitchens around the world can reach this standard and we accept nothing less than this for our wet food recipes. 
It literally is good enough for you to try!


The quality and ethical sourcing of our ingredients is a responsibility we hold with great care.