We're on a mission to create

the best food for our pets


Our Story

When a few friends met for dinner in 2006, little did they know a conversation about feeding their pets would be the beginning of an incredible journey.

Two mates named Roger and their friend John all felt underwhelmed with the quality of products they could find for their beloved family pets. They had a straightforward ask: pet food made with prime cuts of meat, with no invisible nasties that they could simply trust in.


Fuelled by the shared passion for their pets, the friends searched for someone who could bring their pet food vision to life. Our mates found themselves visiting human food suppliers and here they found their answer. Food made from the finest, ethically sourced ingredients. Food they’d be proud to feed their pets and even happy to eat themselves.

Applaws was born.


Here started a journey which they, and many others, are still part of today. Applaws is more than a brand name, it’s a guiding belief which has seen us revolutionise the way people feed their pets in over 50 countries worldwide.

Seeing pets thrive, seeing their eyes sparkle, seeing them be the best they can be – that’s happiness to us. It’s where we started and it’s what we live for each and every day.


Food made from the finest,

ethically sourced ingredients.

Follow our Journey

  • 2006

    Applaws wet range launched in the UK pet specialist channel, designed with vets and breeders.
  • 2009

    Applaws dry range launched - high meat content and grain free.
  • 2010

    Applaws launched world's first see-through pouch.
  • 2012

    Applaws launched in Australia. The range continues to develop 100% natural food with see-through packaging to show that we have nothing to hide. Applaws sells its first pack in China.
  • 2013

    Range extended to cat jelly pouches, Australian made dry range and treats, and life-stage specific formulas.
  • 2014

    Received our first of many Sunday Times International Fast Track awards. Launched in Woolworths and Petstock. Expansion into the USA.
  • 2017

    New global brand proposition: Good. Well. Happy. Expansion throughout the USA and Asia.
  • 2019

    We continue the Applaws journey with more products on shelves and happier and healthier pets across the globe.
good food
It all starts with the highest quality ingredients that are true to your pet’s natural diet. Nothing artificial added or hidden - no colours, flavours or preservatives - just honest ingredients sourced with the highest ethical standards.
well pets
Pets communicate to us in countless ways. When they’re happy and well, it comes across in everything they do, from their wagging tails to their sparkling eyes.
everyone’s happy
When your pet’s happy, you’re happy. The world is simply a better place. Seeing them thrive and live life to the fullest means everything to us pet owners.