Our Promise

Since the day we started out, we've stuck to a really simple promise. To make the best quality cat food and dog food around. No nasties. No fillers. Just ethically sourced, natural ingredients that will help your pet thrive.

We promise...

…to never use cheap or unnecessary fillers in our kibble.

…to only use the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillet in our tins, pots and pouches.

…to only use the highest quality animal protein in our dry food.

…to only use the ingredients listed on the pack, nothing hidden.

What our customers say…

“My Taj refuses to eat all dry dog food EXCEPT for this brand! He absolutely loves it and after experimenting with different brands for a few years now, we are definitely sticking with Applaws!”

- Hannah B

“I spent four years struggling to find a food that did not upset my Italian greyhound's somewhat delicate tummy. She loves the food, her coat is brilliant and she is happy all the time!”

- Susan V

“I have had my darling on your product, I have noticed remarkable changes in her, from her coat, joints and overall wellbeing. She is happier, healthier, sleeping better and moving better.”

- Judy M

“My fussiest of fussy Russian Blue cat, Raffy, just loves it. It's like a special treat for him and he keeps pawing at the closed bag!”

- Ally B

“Our very beautiful and spoilt cat, Jimmy Jams, treasures every meal time when I serve him Applaws products. It's great to see him lick the bowl clean every time.”

- Lila G

Applaws for a Cause


Pets in the Park is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to caring for the pets of the homeless amongst us.

Very often, the owners will often forego their own needs to put their pet first. Find out more about the great work that they do by clicking here.

We are proud partners of Pets in the Park and share their vision to help pets everywhere live a thriving life. We donate monthly supplies of food to ensure owners can look after their loyal companions during this truly challenging time in their life.

Show your support by spinning the wheel and Applaws will donate up to 100 meals per spin to Pets in the park. Click Spin Now to donate. It’s free!


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