The best wet cat food for sensitive stomachs

Healthy cat. Happy owner. You love your pet and the last thing you want is for them to be in any discomfort, especially if it’s an easy fix. If your feline friend is vomiting or coughing up hairballs once a month or more, or losing weight, you should visit your vet to check if it’s a sensitive stomach issue. Things like difficult-to-digest foods, allergies and additives can all contribute to gastrointestinal disturbances.

If you can get a video of your cat vomiting or coughing, it may help your vet with the diagnosis. It’s likely they’ll also recommend a series of tests to rule out conditions such as feline asthma. Once your vet is confident it’s a diet issue, they’ll help you choose foods and feeding routines that will alleviate the symptoms. If the issue is more serious, they may prescribe a novel protein or hydrolyzed protein food. If your pet’s condition is mild, they’ll likely suggest you trial some over-the-counter wet foods.

Typically, the best wet foods for cats with sensitive stomachs are easily digestible and contain no irritating ingredients. They have moderate to low fat content, moderate levels of protein and carbohydrates, and no added nasties. Naturally hypoallergenic foods also reduce the risk of your cat’s stomach reacting badly.

Your vet will tell you this, but when trying out a new food, it can take three or four months to completely phase out the previous food, so you’ll need to be a little bit patient with the diet trials. Just a heads-up.

To give the new diet/s the best chance of working out, your vet may also suggest a change in feeding routine. Cats that eat big meals are more likely to vomit regardless of the food content. This is because they have tiny tummies – ping-pong ball size – which simply can’t cope with the volume of food arriving. So, to give new foods a fair go, your vet may recommend you dish them up in smaller portions and more regularly.

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