Help! My Dog is Itchy!

Is itching normal for all dogs?

This month we’ve asked Bondi Vet Dr. Kate to help us create a mini-guide to answer the many questions dog owners have about why dogs itch and what you can do to help relieve this issue and make them more comfortable.

It’s not all about fleas!

Fleas are just one reason a dog can be itchy, even if you can’t see any fleas on your dog they could still be there. Flea infestations are not always obvious and can hide in places that you may not see like around the tail. Some dogs can be allergic to fleas and this makes the itching much worse because of the reaction with their skin. It’s important to ensure you treat your dog regularly with an effective flea prevention every month.

Skin conditions

Some dogs have skin conditions like dermatitis that can be brought on by an allergy to fleas or can be caused by other ‘atopic’ allergies, like grass or other things found in their environment. Of course if the allergy is caused by fleas, they must be eliminated and kept under control with regular prevention. If the skin condition is ‘atopic’ it’s harder to keep under control but possible with medication and diet supplements.

Food allergies

If you’ve ruled out fleas as the source of itching, your pet’s diet is the next thing to assess. Dogs can form allergies to food at any time, but it normally happens between one and three years. Eliminating foods with additives, preservatives, grains and fillers is the first step. Choosing all natural food like Applaws minimizes the risk of food allergies, keeping your dog healthier inside and out.