Cabin fever – How to entertain your dog

While we’re all increasingly isolated from one another, we can take comfort in the companionship of our four-paws friends. A positive of this extra time at home, means that we can spend more time with our pets and strengthen those unique bonds. Here’s a few games and ideas to keep you and your four-legged friend busy: 

  1. Hide and seek 

A long time favourite! Use your sit and stay command, and then dash to hide in the house. The catch: your pup has to be willing to give you the time to hide! Make sure you have a treat on hand as a reward for those good boys and girls. 

  1. Where’s the treat?

This is a game that will test your dogs patience and IQ. All you need is 3 cups and line them in a row in front of your dog. Place a treat under one of the cups and get your dog to show you which cup it is under and if they are correct, they get the treat. Once they get the hang of it, change things up by moving the cups around after you’ve placed the treat. 

  1. Have a treasure hunt 

Hide some of your four-legged friends favourite kibble or treats in different rooms and see how quickly they manage to locate them. Once they know there is a reward up for grabs they will be motivated to keep on playing.

  1. Build them a doggy den 

Gather blankets or sheets and create a fun doggy den for your pup to play in. Hide their favourite treats and toys inside to keep them happy.

  1. Teach new tricks

Use this chance to teach your dog some new tricks. From shaking hands to rolling over, there are many easy tricks you can introduce to your pet.

Whatever way you decide to enjoy your pet’s company, this time together will benefit both you and your four-pawed friend.