Benefits of human-grade cat food

As a cat owner, you’ve probably caught your pet throwing envious glances at the meat in your cooked breakfast or none too subtly eyeing a juicy steak or chicken breast you’re about to tuck into for dinner. They certainly crave human food, so intuitively you’d think they’d appreciate and perhaps benefit from human-grade cat food. That can certainly be true, but there’s a little more to it than that, so we’re going to take a closer look.

When it comes to regulating human food production and packaging, the standards are higher than those for pet food. So, if a manufacturer wants to claim their cat food is human-standard, it needs to pass muster with the US Food & Drug Administration. Essentially, it needs to be edible for humans in legal terms. So, higher quality ingredients and less risk of contamination. That’s obviously good for your pet, but not the only thing to consider.

You should ensure that as well as being very high quality, the food is very well balanced with ingredients that are specifically selected for felines. There’s no point feeding your pet amazing quality food that’s not the best food for cats.  

What you want for your cat is food that’s 100% human-grade and that has been specially created for feline wellbeing.

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