5 Essentials for New Cat Owners

For first time cat owners, there’s a lot to think about before you welcome your new addition to your home. Where will your cat eat, sleep and go to the toilet?  How will it adapt to your house and learn some etiquette?  What kind of mental and physical exercise will it need (and how can you provide it?)  Most pet stores employ trained staff who’ll be able to answer all your newbie cat parent questions but here are our top tips to get you started.

Buy the best natural cat food

All bodies are designed to thrive on a natural, minimally processed diet and your cat’s is no different.  The ingredients list on many cat food packets might surprise you. Most contain unrecognisable nasties your cat can do without, so look carefully before you buy. At Applaws, our natural cat food is made from real ingredients your cat will love. We never use artificial colour, flavourings or preservatives so you can be sure you’re giving your feline friend the healthiest cat food you can get.

Choose hassle-free litter

Cats aren’t difficult to care for when you get the basics right.  Cleaning out the litter tray needn’t be the worst part of your day.  Nature’s Calling litter is specially designed to clump on contact with moisture, so it’s easy to remove lumps without having to chuck the whole lot away and refill.  Most cats take to using a litter tray pretty quickly but you may need to show your kitten where to go at first.  Try to position the litter tray somewhere quiet – everyone likes a bit of privacy sometimes!

Provide somewhere to scratch

Cats need to scratch and it’s up to you to provide appropriate surfaces for that to happen.  Save your furniture by buying a few scratching posts with different surfaces and position them in areas they like to hang out in.

Prepare to Play

Stimulating play is good for your cat’s development and a great way to bond.  Gather together a variety of toys – they don’t have to be expensive or fancy, just fun to chase or pounce on. Just make sure the toy has no parts that can break off and hurt your cat.

Have a few treats up your sleeve

Ok, maybe a cupboard is better than a sleeve, but having treats around for special occasions can help you bond with your cat.  Try hand-feeding your whiskery pal with Applaws’ range of tasty purees and juicy loins. They contain the same natural goodness as all our healthy cat food and are a great addition to your cat’s regular diet, particularly after an energetic play session!

Welcoming a cat into your home for the first time is a special and memorable experience.  Feeling fully prepared gives you more time and headspace to devote to your new four-legged friend, without worrying whether you’re giving them what they need.  And that’s worth miaowing about.