What Should I Feed my Dog?

As dog lovers, we all want the best health for our four-legged pals. What is more satisfying than seeing a dog with boundless enthusiasm and a tail wagging excitedly? What you feed your dog has a huge impact on their overall health and happiness, alongside exercise, play and oodles of love. But what does a healthy diet for a dog look like? With trends in pet food ebbing and flowing as much as they do for humans, it can be difficult to know exactly what to feed your companion.  

Like us, dogs need a balanced diet and their nutritional needs change at different stages of their lives. Puppies will need to eat little and often. Older, less active dogs will use less energy and so need fewer calories. But they all deserve deliciously natural dog food, made from real ingredients, to ensure a scrupulously clean bowl after every serving.

What can dogs eat?

Dogs are omnivores, meaning their bodies produce the enzymes needed to digest both meat and plants. In the wild, dogs scavenge for meat but, in its absence, will snack on plants, especially grasses, to maintain energy levels. Their sharp back teeth are specialised for chewing meat. Canines’ sharp hearing and sense of smell are finely tuned to help them seek out a tasty meal in the wild. But just because dogs can survive on little or no meat, it doesn’t mean we should expect them to eat such a restricted diet in our homes.

Can dogs eat a vegetarian diet?

While the trend for feeding dogs a vegetarian, or even vegan diet is increasing, most dog experts agree that for dogs to thrive as nature intended, meat should make up around half of their food intake. Proteins found in good quality meat are a crucial component for every cell in your dog’s body.  They help to build healthy cells, organs, muscles, enzymes and hormones. For the strongest teeth, keenest senses and balanced hormones, dogs need protein from animals, not cereals. While a vegetarian diet can suit some dogs (and owners), it’s more difficult to ensure they’re getting the essential nutrients they need without meat on the menu.

Will any dog food do?

Unfortunately, most commercial dog foods contain low grade meat from animals that aren’t fit for human consumption.  It’s understandable that many pet owners are put off.

At Applaws, we only use ingredients that you would be happy to eat yourself. We know – we’ve tried it! Each ingredient is chosen for its health-boosting properties and you can instantly see what sets it apart. For example, our wet dog food contains up to 75% delicious, premium meat, including chicken breast and fish fillet, making it the best on the market. For a truly balanced diet, mix it up with our tasty wet food and a crunchy, complete kibble made from real ingredients. Your best mate will love you for it. Get set for a wet nose, sparkling eyes and a wagging tail!