How to Spot the Best Cat Food

As a cat lover, you probably already know the signs of a healthy cat, but here’s a quick reminder…

Coat  – shiny, clean and dandruff-free

Mouth – fresh smelling

Eyes – bright and clear

Ears – free of discharge, odour and redness

Weight – if your cat’s sides bulge out when you look at them from above, they might be on the tubby side.

When it comes to choosing the best cat food to promote optimum health, not all cat foods are created equal. Your feline friend deserves food that serves all their nutritional requirements while tasting irresistible too.  We believe in only using natural ingredients, carefully selected for their health-boosting properties. Our wet cat food is made up of prime cuts of juicy fillet meat and our dry food has a massive 50% meat content, giving your feline friend all the essential nutrients and amino acids they need to thrive.  One such super-ingredient is taurine, found naturally in meat, which is vital for proper heart function and eye health. Cats are obligate carnivores, so they need meat to stay healthy. We’re passionate about using only the best meat in all of our tasty cat food recipes. 

We’ve all heard of the tricks some food companies play to produce cheap foods. Our supermarket shelves are lined with highly processed foods that are so far removed from their natural roots, our bodies struggle to digest them.  Pet food is no different. Most cat foods are bulked out with hidden ingredients your cat can do without. You’ll never find cheap and nasty fillers hiding in our ingredients lists. We leave out artificial colours, flavourings and other invisible nasties too. This all adds up to a range of naturally hypoallergenic foods that support your cat’s immune system.

Every ingredient selected by Applaws is recognisable and has real health benefits for your cat. From coconut oil and pumpkin to seaweed and goji berry, we choose ingredients that provide a purrfect balance of vitamins, fats and minerals. And they taste delicious too. We know – we’ve tried them!

But don’t just take our word for it – let your cat be the judge. Try feeding them from our whisker-licking range of wet and dry foods, purees, patés, pouches and treats.  Not only will they look the picture of health, they’ll adore you for it. Prrrrrrrrr.