How to capture the perfect pet photo

Pets are like family, and photogenic ones at that too. The pros make it look easy to capture that perfect moment, but anyone who has ever tried to photograph an unpredictable pet knows otherwise. Here are some pet photography tips help capture that ‘perfect shot’.

  1. Location, location, location

First things first, take a look around at your location and remove any clutter or distracting objects that would be in the background. The focus should be your pet, not the hose pipe sneaking into your picture-perfect garden shot.

2. Relax

If you’re stressed, the chances are your pet will be stressed, so try to relax as much as possible. Take a deep breath and remember the most important thing – to have fun!

3. Focus on eyes and expressions

Eyes are the most expressive part of their beautiful face, so focus on their eyes and facial expressions to really get across their quirky personalities. Think those gorgeous puppy dog eyes or an inquisitive head tilt. A well-timed squeak of their favourite toy or rustle of a feather on a string can have them staring straight at the camera faster than you can say “dinner time!”.

4. Get on their level

Try taking a shot down at their level, kneeling down so that you are on eye-level can create a really engaging shot. 

5. Follow the light

Good lighting is everything in photography, avoid photographing in dark rooms or under heavily overcast days. Bright and natural light is the easiest way to create flattering pet photos under.

6. Reward your model

Every pet needs to have a form of motivation to get involved, otherwise they may wander off. Make sure to have a few treats to hand or their favourite toy as ‘payment’ for their first of many modelling jobs. 

And that’s it, you’re Insta-ready!