4 Top Tips for New Dog Owners

Congratulations! The decision is made….

You’re about to welcome a new dog into your home. Whether you’ve had dogs before or you’re new to puppy love, feeling fully prepared for their arrival will make the transition smoother for everyone.  

1 Plan time for your pup

It’s easy to underestimate how much time you’ll need to dedicate to the newest member of your household.  Your dog will need one or two walks per day, frequent toilet training, stimulating play and plenty of loving strokes and tummy rubs. The time you give your dog is essential for bonding and will be repaid many times over. Oh and expect some disrupted sleep while your new arrival gets used to their surroundings. 

2 Train your new housemate

It’s obvious when a dog has been well trained. Training a dog to be respectful and receptive to commands takes time and repetition but the pay-offs are huge – and last a lifetime! Some behaviours, like jumping up or using teeth when they play, can be endearing coming from a puppy. Not so sweet from a fully-grown dog – and often quite dangerous. If you don’t address undesirable behaviours early, it can be much harder to pull them into line when they’re older.  Make a list of the behaviours you don’t want, then research the training methods used to tackle them. With consistency and lots of love, you’ll have a civilised, well-mannered canine in no time.

3 Get feeding right

To keep your dog in tip top condition (cue shiny, wet nose and happy tail wagging), a natural, balanced diet, tailored to their age, size and activity levels is essential.  But which natural dog food is best? With so much choice, it’s difficult to narrow it down. At Applaws, our range of natural dog foods contains only prime cuts of meat and top-quality ingredients you’d be happy to eat yourself. Avoid feeding your dog tidbits from your plate or letting them hoover up the leftovers.  You can’t be sure that everything is going to be digestible for your dog and it’s a fast route to piling on some unneeded pounds. Instead, buy the best natural dog food you can afford and they’ll love you for it. 

4 Buy the kit (but not the kaboodle)

Much like human babies, dogs need some essential bits of kit but not everything on the market is necessary. Think carefully before you buy that dog potty or faux fur, gold enamelled luxury day bed.  Start with: 

  • Collar with tag (get them microchipped too)
  • Lead – try a few before you buy and seek advice specific to your dog’s breed and walking routines
  • Bed – a cosy place of their own to retreat to will be much appreciated by your pal
  • Food they’re used to – it’s best not to change dogs’ diets all of a sudden but introduce new foods in small quantities and build up gradually.
  • Travel Kit –invest in a safety harness or dog crate if you plan to drive with your dog on board

Finally, as soon as you become a proud doggy-parent, register with a vet and follow the vaccination program they recommend.

Enjoy your new best mate. Happy Bonding!